Novel Fractional Order Autotuners for Poorly Damped Systems to Ensure Improved Safety and Comfort

Research grant awarded by UEFISCDI Romania, project code:PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2019-0745, TE 143/2020


Poorly damped systems (PDS) are usually the mathematical representation of a large category of processes encountered in important areas that affect everyday life, such as dynamics of structures (tall buildings, bridges, etc.), automotive industry (suspension car models, etc), aerospace industry (airplane wing model, vertical take off and landing systems, etc.). Quite frequently PDS are modeled using simple second order (plus dead time) transfer functions, which is a clear limitation, since these simple models cannot capture the complex dynamics of PDS. Complicated large models are also available, but these complicate in turn the design of the controller. A major concern is to seek improved control solutions that are independent from accurate modeling of PDS. This leads to the idea of capturing the essential dynamic characteristics of such systems and use these characteristics for designing the controllers based on autotuning methods. The main overall objective of the research grant

is to develop robust and efficient control algorithms, through a novel idea of combining several “hot” concepts of the control engineering community: new autotuning control solutions, automatic identification of process characteristics and fractional calculus, as an emerging tool in control applications. The project aims at experimenting, testing and the validation of original methods to be applied to PDS. The new control structures developed aim to offer a novel, more efficient and robust solution for closed loop control in specific environments where PDS are employed and especially in vital applications for human life. Thus, the results of the project have the main target of increasing safety and comfort in these domains. The project is expected to have
a major impact on opening new themes/research directions regarding fractional order autotuners, automatic system identification. Additionally, the results of the project contribute to new findings and research directions in PDS.





  1. C.I. Muresan, I. Birs, R. De Keyser (2021), An Alternative Design Approach for Fractional Order Internal Model Controllers for Time Delay Systems, Journal of Advanced Research, DOI: 10.1016/j.jare.2021.01.004 (ISI impact factor 6.992)


Dr. Eng. Cristina I. Muresan – principal investigator

Dr. Eng. Ovidiu Prodan

Dr. Eng. Cosmin Darab

Eng. Isabela Birs (PhD student)